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Our Focus

Like any mission-driven organization, we’re guided by a set of principles and beliefs. We keep ours close in mind when we create new technologies and craft our client experiences.

Crafting a personalized & proven approach to learning

  • Matching every student to an appropriate certified teacher
  • Fostering trust with a focus on relationships
  • Creating customized, research-based learning plans

Focusing on empowerment & confidence

  • Nurturing the Whole Child: academic and emotional
  • Helping students, parents, and teachers to embrace challenge
  • Celebrating shared values about education

Creating the tools for an ever-improving experience

  • Designing reports for parents that increase transparency
  • Developing resources for teachers that make their jobs easier
  • Building validated networks for doctors & schools to support families

Our Team


Braintrust’s founders bring a combination of educational bonafides, demonstrated business acumen, and the laser-focused parental insights that come from raising 5 kids between them. Mara and Jen empathize with parents and teachers alike, and have the expertise to cleverly solve the most pressing problems facing educators and the families they support.

Mara Koffmann

Co-Founder and CEO

Mara is a problem solver. She’s spent her entire professional career helping students and families understand and overcome their most difficult learning obstacles. No matter how seemingly intractable the problem, Mara relishes rolling up her sleeves and finding effective – and fun! – solutions that will help students achieve their full potential.

Mara lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two young boys. Because children require playthings, she has temporarily surrendered her love of order and interior design.

Jen Mendelsohn

Co-Founder and CBO

Often described as pathologically gregarious, Jen loves nothing more than quarterbacking a business opportunity. Through life’s challenges, she became that expert mom — the one who everyone turns to for a great recommendation — but she hopes that Braintrust will amplify access to everyone and become an even greater connector.

Jen is a proud Soho resident and on most days tolerates her husband and three children. They remind her (somewhat ironically) that she is an impatient teacher.


Our team members are seasoned, customer-focused business operators. But, more important than our expertise is our empathy — our team members are parents, educators, and dedicated individuals who wake up each day thinking about how to improve the tutoring experience and build a better way.

Albert Nahmad


Albert is a finance junkie. Spending a decade in CA with the Technology M&A group at Credit Suisse, helping many of the world’s largest tech companies execute tons of merger transactions. Currently Albert is the CFO of Nesa Solutions, an IoT enterprise, in addition to his role as CFO of Braintrust.

Albert lives in Miami, never misses a chance to show his nephew he can outdrive him on the golf course and endures constant torture from his intimidating 10-year-old niece.

John J. Russell


  • Executive Director of the Windward Institute
  • Former Head of Windward School
  • Former superintendent of schools in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
  • Named 2019 Distinguished Leader in Education by Education Update

Marc Murphy


You might know Marc as one of the hosts of Chopped and Chopped Junior on the Food Network, or from one of his cookbooks or restaurants. He is a celebrity chef and successful restauranteur who also happens to have dyslexia. His personal journey and professional creativity are a testament to the ways in which dyslexia is not a disability but a difference, making him the perfect Braintrust ambassador.

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