Better tutors means better outcomes for students.

At Braintrust we match certified educators with struggling learners for a more impactful high-dosage tutoring experience.

Trusted partners of K-12 schools nationwide!

Our tutors help students become learners for a lifetime.

We understand that solid foundational skills are the key to successful learning. That’s why we build data-driven, individualized learning plans to help each of our students thrive.

We craft targeted tutoring solutions.

In order to support your school where you need it most.

That way we can transform outcomes and ensure all your students thrive.

Braintrust x NYC DOE = 104% Literacy Gains!

We’re so proud to be an NYC DOE school partner, as we bring the Science of Reading to classrooms throughout New York City and the rest of the country.

Partner with Us!

School districts, charter schools, independent schools, and community organizations across the country partner with Braintrust to create more impactful tutoring solutions for the students who need it most. Contact us today so our team can craft a tutoring plan to meet your students’ learning needs.

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