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Braintrust empowers and supports teachers, by creating opportunities for you to earn more and stress less doing what you do best. We make it easy for you to find new students, manage them, and provide a great learning experience for them. And when it comes to collecting payments, we think you’ll find that you get paid much more, and far faster, with Braintrust than with any other tutoring company or platform. Braintrust tutors are able to set their own rate, and earn 90% of it. Payments are processed immediately after you submit your post-session report, and will hit your bank account within two business days.
That’s up to you! As a Braintrust tutor, you can set your own hourly rate. We charge a 10% service fee each session for our marketing platform, management tools, and credit card processing, which means you’ll earn 90% of whatever hourly fee you set in your profile.
On Braintrust, families will see your profile if you are a good fit for their child’s learning needs. They can reach out to you by sending an interview or session request through our platform. You will receive these requests via email, and you must respond to parents through Braintrust in order to confirm appointments.
After a great interview with a family, parents can book sessions with you directly through your profile. If it seems like a great match, we encourage you to suggest this to families when you speak.
Braintrust offers tutors the flexibility to meet with students in-person or online. You will be able to discuss this with parents during interviews, or see their requested location in session requests. For online meetings, you can pick the platform of your choice, though we recommend Zoom!
After a meeting, you should login to Braintrust to complete your session report. We recommend submitting reports within 36 hours of a session. With our unique reporting features, this only takes minutes. As soon as you click “submit,” parents are charged for the session, and you’ll receive payment within 1-2 business days.
Yes! Aside from being a good fit for a parent’s particular search, we recommend tutors based on ratings from parents, responsiveness to inquiries, activity on the site, and punctuality of reports.