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Nuestro objetivo

Como cualquier organización impulsada por una misión, nos guiamos por un conjunto de principios y creencias. Tenemos las nuestras muy en cuenta cuando creamos nuevas tecnologías y elaboramos las experiencias de nuestros clientes.

Elaboración de un enfoque personalizado y comprobado para el aprendizaje

  • Emparejar a cada estudiante con un maestro certificado apropiado
  • Fomentar la confianza con un enfoque en las relaciones
  • Creación de planes de aprendizaje personalizados basados en la investigación

Centrándose en el empoderamiento y la confianza

  • Nutrir al niño en su totalidad: académico y emocional
  • Ayudar a los estudiantes, padres y maestros a aceptar el desafío
  • Celebrando los valores compartidos sobre la educación

Crear las herramientas para una experiencia cada vez mejor

  • Diseñar informes para padres que aumenten la transparencia
  • Desarrollar recursos para profesores que faciliten su trabajo.
  • Construyendo redes validadas para médicos y escuelas para apoyar a las familias.

Nuestro equipo


Los fundadores de Braintrust aportan una combinación de buena fe educativa, perspicacia comercial demostrada y los conocimientos de los padres centrados en el láser que provienen de criar a 5 niños entre ellos. Mara y Jen simpatizan tanto con los padres como con los maestros, y tienen la experiencia para resolver hábilmente los problemas más apremiantes que enfrentan los educadores y las familias a las que apoyan. 

Jen Mendelsohn

Co-Fundador y CEO

Jen loves nothing more than quarterbacking a business opportunity and spent 15+ years selling enterprise tech before Braintrust. Her professional development comes from cultivating relationships and bringing opportunities to fruition. Jen’s competitive spirit borders on the unhealthy, fortunately there is a charm to her relentlessness.

mara koffman

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Mara es una solucionadora de problemas. Ha pasado toda su carrera profesional ayudando a estudiantes y familias a comprender y superar sus obstáculos de aprendizaje más difíciles. No importa cuán intratable parezca el problema, a Mara le encanta arremangarse y descubrir que es efectivo y divertido. – soluciones que ayudarán a los estudiantes a alcanzar su máximo potencial.

Finance Leadership Team

Alberto Nahmad

Chief Financial Officer

Albert is a finance junkie. He spent a decade in CA with the Technology M&A group at Credit Suisse, helping many of the world’s largest tech companies execute tons of merger transactions. He also has many years of CFO experience, including at Nesa Solutions, an IoT software enterprise. He loves simplifying complexity for the benefit of everyone!

Sales Leadership Team

Our dynamic sales team members are seasoned professionals who are dedicated to shaping the future of education. We’re passionate about delivering innovative, high impact tutoring solutions that empower learning and growth. With a deep understanding of educational needs and a commitment to excellence, our team is here to make the best quality tutoring accessible to everyone, driving positive change in the world of learning.

Mark Bosco

Senior Partnerships Director

Mark brings 30+ years of experience in public education to Braintrust, including positions as Teacher, Department Chair, Principal, Executive Director, and, most recently, Senior Administrator of Expanded Learning with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, where he facilitated the partnership between 100 schools, 18,000 students and 30 high-dosage tutoring vendors. He understands the importance of school/district leadership, the fidelity of program implementation, with a focus on standards-based instruction, aligned intervention, and assessment outcomes. 

Brad Weir

Director of Educational Partnerships

Brad has over 15 years of experience in the education sector, during which time he has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that schools and districts face in the digital age. He is passionate about igniting children’s curiosity to reach their potential and about empowering educators with solutions to bring learning to life. 

Amy Ambatielos

Director of Educational Partnerships

Amy is an educator at heart. Before booking HGTV shows or producing CNN packages, she was a classroom teacher. Teaching through the pandemic, Amy became acutely aware of the overall gaps in students’ learning. She joined Braintrust to help close those gaps in schools and districts where the loss is most prevalent and the need for support is greatest.

Operations Leadership Team

Our operations team members are deeply experienced, customer-focused business operators. But, more important than our expertise is our empathy — our team members are parents, educators, and dedicated individuals who wake up each day thinking about how to improve the tutoring experience and build a better way.

Ivy Rasmusen

Director of Operations

Ivy is a veteran educator, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. After starting out her career as a teacher, she ran a successful business for 13 years until returning back to education after discovering first-hand how learning loss and reading deficiencies were affecting her son. She has deep experience in educational technology and has a knack for processes, organization and customer success.  

Érica Granda

Customer Success Manager

Erica is a data-driven, results-oriented, client-focused professional with experience creating targeted and purposeful growth paths for all types of learners to achieve defined outcomes. She has spent her entire professional career seeking out the best educational practices for students in need. She loves tackling complex problems in order to create streamlined solutions that make everyone’s life easier!

Jessica Lippman

Customer Success Manager

Jessica has navigated diverse roles within the education field, ranging from classroom teacher to senior leadership positions, hiring and training quality instructors for a multibillion-dollar company. She excels in maintaining seamless operations, optimizing educational experiences and nurturing top educators, and strongly believes in Braintrust’s mission to create exceptional learning environments.

Amy Agneta

Director of People

Amy proudly identifies as a “recruiting nerd,” with 19 years of experience in the field. With a background spanning from start-ups to large-scale corporations, Amy has led recruiting teams across diverse landscapes. When she’s not keeping up with industry trends, she enjoys unwinding through reading, exploring new culinary experiences, and embarking on travels.

Kasandra White

Tutor Recruitment and Success Team Leader

Kasandra is an experienced operator. She’s taught in the classroom, held senior operator roles in various businesses, acted as a lead teacher for a multibillion-dollar educational firm, and helped maintain smooth operations everywhere she’s gone. Kasandra leverages her teacher recruitment efforts honed at VIPKID to help Braintrust identify the best educators.

Ashley Kulcsar

Tutor Support Team Lead

Ashley takes pride in helping others succeed. She has experience as a classroom teacher, and in the corporate world at an eBook company supporting schools to build their digital libraries and promote student reading. Ashley has a master’s degree in literacy, a background in the Science of Reading, and deeply appreciates how Braintrust’s values in helping students align with her own.

Gabrielle Fraenkel​​

School Outreach Lead

Gabby considers herself an educational concierge who loves connecting people to powerful resources/ platforms. She brings a wealth of key strategy and operations experience with school districts across the country, including as Special Assistant to Superintendent of Boston Public Schools and Chief of Staff at the NYC DOE in the School Planning and Development Division.

Development Leadership Team

Our exceptional development team is at the forefront of innovation. Our developers bring together cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the learning landscape to create a platform that’s tailored to the unique needs of our students, schools, and parents. Their commitment to excellence and a passion for making education accessible drive every line of code they write. 

Trent Raber

Director of Engineering

Leader. Coder. Lover of cheese. When not searching for the next tasty morsel of provolone, muenster, or brie, Trent spends his time striving for excellence and innovation while solving real-world problems with technology. With over 18 years of experience, Trent joined Braintrust to build an engineering team focused on enhancing the learning experience through technology.

Alex Heflin

Senior Back-end Developer

Alex is a deeply experienced senior software developer with a demonstrated history of working in technology-focused consulting and project leadership roles. Skilled in front end techologies, back end techologies, project management and web design, Alex brings 10+ years of experience and a passion for making a difference in the lives of the students we serve. 

Rodrigo Pascoalino

Senior Front-end Developer

Rod is a senior software developer with decades of experience and a deep dedication for making a difference in the lives of students. When not focused on work, Rod is a family man – a proud husband and father to a son, cat, and 4 dogs –  who enjoys the picturesque backdrop of the beach.


Our advisors are seasoned experts who provide us critical insights and advice to help us improve our programs, explore new opportunities and accelerate our growth by stimulating robust, high-quality conversation.

jay russell


Dr. Russell is Executive Director of The Windward Institute, whose mission is to increase childhood literacy, and a Yale faculty member at the Yale Child Study Center. Previously, Jay served for 13 years as head of The Windward School and for 11 years as superintendent of schools in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. In 2019, he was named Distinguished Leader in Education by Education Update.

Dr. Brock Eide


Dr. Eide is a leading expert in the fields of dyslexia and brain-based learning. He and his wife authored the internationally best-selling book The Dyslexic Advantage (2011) as well as The Mislabeled Child (2006); and founded the 501(c)3 non-profit Dyslexic Advantage, one of the world’s largest online dyslexia communities.

Peter Bencivenga


Peter is an industry titan with deep edTech experience. Peter is CEO of PrepScholar, which provides personalized and effective online test preparation programs. Prior to PrepScholar, he taught high school for over a decade in New York City public schools and worked on technical integration initiatives for the NYCDOE before co-founding DataCation. He’s also held roles as Chief Academic Officer of IO Education and President of Operoo. 

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