Learning Experts

Certified, verified tutors with the training and expertise to support children who learn differently.

Learning is complex.

And that is especially true for children with learning differences. For these kids it’s not just a matter of practice makes perfect. Instead, they need instruction from expert educators with training in specialized programs to help them learn their best.

We spark learning magic for kids who learn differently.

We create more a-ha moments.

Certified Teachers

Braintrust has better tutors. All of our educators are qualified, certified teachers and learning specialists who understand curriculum, instruction, and educational best practices.

Customized Matches

Braintrust makes better matches. Beyond the important basics of availability, location, and price, we can guide you to the best match based on specific academic struggles or diagnosed disabilities.

Measurable Results

Braintrust offers a more transparent tutoring experience. With session reports after each meeting and real-time progress reports to visually track development, we help parents better understand their child’s learning.
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“Braintrust has found, vetted and gives you access to some of the most talented educators I have ever interacted with. It’s exactly what I wanted for my children.”

— Carrie, Parent in NYC

“Braintrust has been a lifesaver! Since she began working with her tutor, our daughter is more confident than ever and we can work together better as a family.”

— Susie, Parent in Miami

We've built a suite of unique reporting features to make it even easier to monitor progress, quantify gains, and understand learning goals