Our expert educators are certified teachers and learning specialists.

They have the knowledge and training to create a more impactful tutoring experience.

Teaching is a craft, and our tutors are master educators. Every Braintrust tutor is a certified teacher or learning specialist with the knowledge and training to create a more impactful learning experience for your child. From foundational skill building through AP classes and specialized support, Braintrust teachers empower kids to grow into more confident, strategic learners.

The Braintrust Difference

More Knowledge

Every Braintrust tutor is a certified teacher and subject matter expert. With knowledge of a wide range of curricula and training in research-based programs, our tutors help kids learn how to learn.

More Experience

Every Braintrust tutor has classroom teaching experience. With an understanding of how to create an engaging lesson paired with their ability to connect with kids, our tutors spark more a-ha moments.

More Impact

Every Braintrust tutor understands learning. With their extensive training and wealth of experience, our tutors are able to identify strengths and challenges in order to target instruction where kids need it most.

We teach kids to learn how to learn.

That way they can grow into confident, capable, independent students.

How We Work

Set Goals

Our tutors support kids where they need it most. By identifying strengths and understanding challenges, our tutors can create a customized program to achieve the biggest impact.

Monitor Progress

Our tutors provide meaningful feedback in the form of session reports and progress reports after each meeting, making it easier for parents to track gains and understand their child’s learning goals.

Work Together

Our tutors know that students learn best with the help of a team. And with Braintrust, students gain expert guidance, and parents get the support of a dedicated educational advisor.

We understand that there is nothing more important than seeing your child feel confident in school. We promise your child will love learning with us.

Don’t just take our word for it!

“Braintrust is exactly what I was looking for – a transparent system that allows you to see exactly what you are getting, and search for exactly what you need.”

– Susie, Parent in NYC

“Braintrust has found, vetted and gives you access to some of the most talented educators I have ever interacted with. It’s exactly what I wanted for my children.”

– Carrie, Parent in NYC

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