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We know the impact of a great teacher is immeasurable. Educators have the power to create confidence, inspire curiosity, and help kids discover their love of learning. We built Braintrust to empower teachers like you to earn more and stress less doing what you love – changing the lives of your students!

How we work.

Braintrust partners with schools and families to match expert tutors to the students who need them most. As a Braintrust tutor, you can choose the type of opportunities that works best for you!

School Partnerships

Private Tutoring

“I LOVE the Braintrust platform for progress monitoring and writing session notes! It is so user friendly for the instructor and makes it seamless to communicate with parents.”

— Lauren, profesora en Nueva York

mejores tutores

Creating more opportunities for expert educators like you to have a better experience doing what you love.

Mejor aprendizaje

Creating more opportunities for struggling students to get the targeted support they need to thrive in and out of the classroom!

Mejor experiencia

Creating a more transparent and impactful tutoring experience for schools, teachers, families, and students!

“¡Las herramientas de generación de informes de Braintrust hacen que sea increíblemente fácil comunicar el progreso y realizar un seguimiento de las ganancias!”

– Anne, profesora en Miami

“Braintrust simplifica la facturación, permitiéndome concentrarme en las necesidades de los estudiantes en lugar de en el seguimiento de los pagos”.

– Kate, profesora en Nueva York

Gana más y estresate menos haciendo lo que amas con Braintrust

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