Virtual high-dosage tutoring interventions for schools and districts

We partner with you to build a custom high-impact program to meet your community’s learning needs.

Synchronous 1:1 or small group lessons with a dedicated certified teacher in our engaging virtual classroom.

Partnerships built for success

Customer success

We appreciate that each of our partners has unique needs, and our customer success team is dedicated to delivering custom programs to ensure we maximize our impact.

Data and analytics

Whether in-person or online, 1:1 or in small groups, we partner with you to implement a program that works.

Curriculum and instruction

Our instructional team will work with you to identify academic areas of need and deploy our research-based interventions to deliver measurable gains for all learners.

Community engagement

We understand that it takes a village to help children thrive, and we welcome the opportunity to educate and support your school community.

Our virtual impact

With it’s successful early implementation, we’re excited to expand our partnership across additional NYC schools and collaborate meaningfully by supporting young New Yorkers in the years to come.
Andrew Fletcher, Director of Strategic Partnerships, NYC Public Schools
I could not be more pleased with Braintrust. The lesson plans were engaging; the tutor was reliable, well-trained, devoted; and most importantly, the students showed impressive gains.
Elizabeth Jarrett, Principal, P.S. 154, NYC Public Schools
Thanks to their expertly trained educators and engaging curriculum, our most vulnerable learners realized significant reading gains. Our students loved to attend their Braintrust lessons, and our parents were thrilled with the improvement.
Ciani Espada, Principal, Brooklyn Gardens, NYC Public Schools
From the onset, Braintrust’s tutors exhibited exceptional professionalism and dedication to our students' success. As a result, with just 7 weeks of tutoring, our students achieved significant academic gains. The confidence and motivation they showed by the end of their tutoring was equally heartwarming.
Tameeka McNeil, Principal, P.S. 66, NYC Public Schools
In the end it’s simple. Braintrust helps make my job easier - they’re easy to work with; they’re highly responsive; they consistently get high marks in the feedback we get from students, teachers, and parents; and most importantly, they have a program that works.
Michael Lungarini, Principal, Statesville Rd. Elementary, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
As an independent school, it is critical that all of our collaborations meet the highest of standards. With Braintrust at the helm, those expectations were met, and then some. With expertly trained educators, evidence-based curriculum and consistent feedback, our struggling students are now seeing substantial gains.
Courtney Behrenhausen, Director of Support Services Campbell Hall Episcopal
As teachers, we can only do so much in the classroom. It has been a huge relief having Braintrust as a partner. Our students feel empowered, and our teachers feed supported.
Ellysia Dierker, Interventionist and ALC Coordinator Uplift Triumph Preparatory
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Let us deliver the interventions you need

To empower your community to thrive.

1:1 up to 1:4

Our tutors can work with kids in groups of up to four students.

whenever works best

We can provide support before, during, or after school.

all learners

Our tutors have training to support ELLs and Sped students.

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