ADHD Experts

Certified, verified tutors with the training and expertise to support your child with ADHD.

Executive function skills are central to academic success.

As a whole, they allow us to set goals; plan how to complete a project; prioritize tasks; organize time, materials, and information; shift approaches flexibly; and focus on the task at hand. And as many as 90 percent of kids with ADHD struggle with executive function skills.

An organized student is a more confident student.

And we know this doesn’t come as a surprise. That’s why so many parents do all they can to help their kids to be more focused, stay on top of assignments and do their best work. But it can be challenging and frustrating to wear both the parent and tutor hat.

We are here to help.

Braintrust tutors are certified teachers. They are ADHD experts with the knowledge and training to help your child thrive in the classroom and beyond. They won’t just explain what to do; they’ll help your child understand why it’s important and how to do their best! In short, we will help your child learn how to learn.

“Thanks to his tutor, my son has a better grasp of what he has to do each night and how to do it. He’s feeling so much more confident in school!”

A more effective tutoring experience

With training in a wide range of research-based programs and best practices, our experts create a more impactful learning experience. By identifying strengths and areas of challenge, Braintrust tutors create a customized learning experience to meet your child’s unique needs.

And a more transparent tutoring experience

Making it easier for you to understand goals, monitor progress, and track gains!

Session Reports

You’ll receive a session report after each meeting, which can be shared automatically with family, classroom teachers, or other tutors.

Progress Reports

Log in to your Braintrust account to view a progress report to better understand the gains your child has made as a result of tutoring.

Skills Reports

Check out the skills report for any given area of study to learn about the goals your child is working towards and the skills he or she will master.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

“Madeline’s genuine love of Latin and teaching always makes our sessions fun and enjoyable.”

– Eloise, Student in Manhattan

“Kate has helped to transform my child’s attitude about school and learning. She has given my daughter the gift of confidence!”

– Sarah, Parent in Brooklyn

Concerned your child has ADHD?

Check out our ADHD screener. This resource can identify common indicators of ADHD, but it is not a substitute for a formal evaluation by a trained clinician. No matter what the outcome, research shows that early and appropriate intervention leads to the most successful outcomes for any student. With support, children can avoid the frustration, self-doubt, and anxiety that so often comes along with ADHD.

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