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Certified, verified reading specialists with the training and expertise to help your child grow into a confident reader.

Learning to read is not a “natural” process. While our brains are naturally wired to speak, they are not naturally wired to read and write.

And while research shows that all students benefit from instruction based in the science of reading, it is essential for the 1-in-5 students with dyslexia. That’s because children with dyslexia struggle with the letter-sound relationship at the core of reading and writing. As a result, they need a very explicit and systematic approach to instruction in order to learn how to break the code of written language.

Braintrust reading specialists are dyslexia experts.

With training in a wide range of research-based programs, our certified teachers understand the science of reading. By identifying strengths and understanding challenges, our tutors will create a customized learning experience to meet your child’s unique needs.

“Meredith has transformed my daughter’s relationship with reading.”

We provide reading instruction backed by science

Based on decades of research, we know it works!
Orton Gillingham approach
Explicit instruction
Systematic programs
Multi-sensory learning

And a more transparent tutoring experience

Making it easier for you to understand goals, monitor progress, and track gains!

Session Reports

You’ll receive a session report after each meeting, which can be shared automatically with family, classroom teachers, or other tutors.

Progress Reports

Log in to your Braintrust account to view a progress report to better understand the gains your child has made as a result of tutoring.

Skills Reports

Check out the skills report for any given area of study to learn about the goals your child is working towards and the skills he or she will master.

Concerned about your child’s reading skills?

Check out our dyslexia screener. This resource can identify common indicators of dyslexia, but it is not a substitute for a formal evaluation by a trained clinician. No matter what the outcome, research shows that early and appropriate intervention leads to the most successful outcomes for any struggling reader and especially those with dyslexia.

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