Learning Math Through Literacy

Many people think of math and reading as separate subjects. While the skills involved in each are quite different, there are so many ways and reasons to connect them. Aside from having students read and solve word problems, there are lots of other creative ways to integrate math and literacy. Here are some of our […]

8 Strategies for Struggling Math Students

Anyone who has struggled in math knows the frustration of not knowing how to go about solving a problem. Whether the math struggle comes from confusion, difficulty with numbers, and/or simple lack of motivation, the struggle is the same. Here are eight strategies that often help address some of the root causes of problems in […]

Problem-Based Learning in Math

Problem-based learning is a teaching strategy in which teachers present content using real-world examples and scenarios. PrBL activities are student-centered in that teachers facilitate student discovery of a solution. This differs from traditional “stand and deliver” instruction, in which the teacher presents students with information and students learn it. With problem-based learning, students arrive at […]

Teaching Students How to Write Math Problems

The only thing more valuable to a developing mathematician than practicing solving word problems is writing them. Of course, learning how to solve word problems efficiently, accurately, and flexibly are crucial in building students’ math skills. They need to learn how to filter out unnecessary details, plan and organize their steps, and make sure their […]

Resources for Summer Math Practice

You’ve heard of the dreaded “summer slide,” where students lose up to three months of learning progress over the summer. But it’s easily avoidable. It just takes a few minutes of consistent practice each day in order for students to maintain their skills during the summer break. Here are some resources we love that will […]

Math Skills by Grade Level

Are you a passionate educator who loves helping kids develop math skills? Join our team and become a Braintrust tutor today! Unless you are a teacher, or you hyper-analyze every math assignment your child gets, it can be hard to know exactly what they should be mastering at each grade level. Is it appropriate to […]

Building Confidence with Math

Traditional math practice used to consist of neat rows of problems on a worksheet. Sometimes teachers would set a timer. Students were asked to show their work, but it’s likely that every student’s work looked more or less the same. But times have changed. Educators now know that repetition of math facts and memorization of […]

Number Strings

When a child is struggling in math, many parents today prescribe them more practice. This is intuitive. After all, practice makes perfect. And that’s how most of us were taught when we were in school. Rote memorization drills and pages filled with practice problems comprised most of our mathematical instruction. In short, learning math was […]

Real World Math

How many times have you heard the phrase “I’m never gonna use it in real life!” as you plead with your child to do their math homework? It’s one of the oldest excuses in the book. Students who don’t like math, or feel they aren’t good at it, often use this reasoning to justify their […]

Developing Math Fact Fluency

A student’s experience with math completely changes when they develop fact fluency. Knowing math facts (single-digit problems in all four operations) allows students to complete problems more quickly and more efficiently. It also allows students to work through math problems with more flexibility in how they view the numbers involved. This is typically when students […]